How to keep your escort experience private

High class escorts take measures to ensure their experiences with clients remain private. Exposure to the public can affect the client’s relationship with their parents, siblings, colleagues and friends. Keeping experiences under wraps is crucial for the success of the business because it protects both escorts and clients. However, it takes effort from both parties to ensure encounters stay private. So, how should you ensure your meeting stays discreet? Here are a few precautions to help you out.

Always plan your meeting

Privacy takes time to plan. You should never show up to an in call without any previous agreement. Surprising an escort through an unplanned meeting could reveal their secret to family, friends or a partner. This may even spill over and expose you too. You need to respect your escort’s time and privacy, which means sticking to planned meetings at all times.

Don’t boast

Boasting to friends or associates can affect your discretion with an escort. While you may be tempted to confide in your friends, you could raise the risk of exposure in so doing. Your friends will have a hard time keeping the fact that you are seeing an escort a secret making it easy to slip up. To avoid any breach of privacy, you should not share out the discreet details.

Keep a low profile

You should not be too loud and aggressive in an in call meet up with your escort. While there may be little risk of exposure for you, it could affect the escort’s discretion. If you have trouble keeping your voice in check, you can try out gagging and muffling to keep your activities a secret. You should also take up a low profile for out calls.

Avoid loud noises and hallway intrusions as these could expose your activities to others around you. If you are not sure about your escort’s exact location, wait at the bar or lobby without looking lost. Remember to dress for your location to avoid standing out. You should also avoid using your phone, opting instead for a prepaid unit. Clear your browsing history and use anonymous e-mail accounts to keep all aspects of your experience private.

Look the part

Some clients will use an excuse to meet up with their escort. If you are following this route, you need to match your accessories and wear to your interests. This means looking the part for work, golfing or any other convenient excuse to meet up with your escort. Remember to shower after your meet to avoid any lingering scents giving you away. This will also wash off any traces of lipstick and makeup, ensuring your partner remains in the dark over your activities.

Pay in cash

Avoid paying for anything with traceable currency. This means paying in cash from the moment you leave for your meeting until it ends. Whether you are filling up your car, buying food or paying your escort, you need to avoid any payments by card. You should also throw away your receipts to keep your activities private. You will avoid creating a record that can be used to trace your meeting by paying in cash, ensuring your privacy remains upheld.

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